Title I

What does it mean to be a Title I school? 


Euharlee Elementary is a Title I School.

*This means we receive federal funds to provide extra help for all students at Euharlee.


Qualifications for a Title I School

*The amount of money we get depends on the number of students who receive free or reduced lunch.


Advantages of being a Title I School

*The money goes to help all students in our school.

*It is used for teachers, books, supplies and materials.

*It provides opportunities for parents to receive materials and assistance with educating their children.


Opportunities for Parents

*PTO Meetings

*Parent Information Sessions

*Volunteer in School/Classrooms


As a Title I School, we rely on the partnership between school and home to ensure that our students succeed. We hope you will feel welcome to be a part of your child’s school experience and a part of the success of Euharlee!

Did you know we have a Parent Resource Room!  

It's easy to find and

easy to use!

This room is now located in the main office. It is open daily from 7:15 – 3:30. Materials include books, games, and many fun activity kits to help reinforce skills at home. Items are easy to checkout and are available for all students. 

Click the link below to learn about your right to know the professional qualifications of your child's teacher.  A hard copy of the document was sent home Aug. 31, 2020.